PUBG Mobile Assault Rifles Ranked.

 Here I’m not including the Assault Rifles from the air drops.

1). For me, M16A4 comes first. It can be easily found anywhere on the map. uses 5.56 ammo.


1). It can be found easily.

2). It has the highest firing speed.

3). It has a burst fire mode, unlike other AR’s which only have an auto mode.

4). Best AR for long range.


1). The gun comes with only two attachments, it doesn’t support vertical and angled foregrip.

2). It has the lowest power. But it’s firing rate makes up for it.

2). M416 could have been the best but because of some reasons, it has to be ranked after M16A4.


1). It comes with four attachments, namely foregrip, magazine, stock and a suppressor.

2). Most stable Assault Rifle.


1). Cannot be easily found.

2). It’s good only if we have all the attachments, otherwise, it is just not good enough.

3). For me SCAR-L and M416 go hand in hand, the difference being very little.

Differences between M416 and SCAR-L.

1). M416 is just a little more stable than SCAR-L.

2). M416 comes with a tactical stock, but SCAR-L comes with no stock.

4). Then comes AKM.


1). The highest power of all the assault rifles.

2). Can be found easily.

3). Best for short range.


1). Very less stable.

2). Lowest range.

3). Lowest firing rate.

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