PUBG Mobile Sniper Rifles Ranked.

NOTE:- Sniper Rifles from the air drops are not ranked. No doubt AWM and M24 are the best sniper rifles in the game.

1) Kar98K


Undoubtedly the best sniper rifle. Earlier I thought it was a shotgun 🙂


1). Highest effective range.

2). Highest power.


1). Low firing rate. (It should not be a problem if you’re good at aiming, given its high damage).

2). SKS

Good only with all the attachments.


1). Highest firing rate among all the sniper rifles.

2). Good for long range with an 8x.


1). Very high recoil. You can’t aim properly after you shoot once, you have to adjust again.

3). Mini 14


1). Less recoil compared to the other sniper rifles, which makes it more stable.


1). Less range, but I consider it to be the best for medium range.

2) Less power.

4) VSS

I wonder how this gun still exists in the game!!

I don’t have even a single kill with this gun, so I won’t rate it.


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