PUBG SMG’s Ranked.

There’s not much to say about SMG’s because players tend to avoid it as soon as they get an AR.

1). Tommy Gun



1). Highest power, effective range, stability, firing rate and what not.


1). Doesn’t support any scope, that’s the only drawback.

Fun Fact:- Earlier Tommy gun was found only in air drops.

2). UMP9


1). Compatible with any scope except 6x and 8x.

2). Uses 9mm ammo which can be found easily.


1). It comes after Tommy gun 🙂

3). Vector


1). Same as UMP but…..

2). Uses 0.45 ACP which is also found easily.


2). If you don’t have an extended mag you can only fire 13 bullets at one time.

4). UZI


1). Nothing.


1). Aiming is not good.

2). Not compatible with any scope.



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